Battle Creek CellaRS

Willamette Valley Reserve
2014 - Tech Sheet / POS

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Located on a south-facing slope in a sweet spot for growing Pinot Noir, Battle Creek Vineyard is nestled into the mid-Willamette River Basin, in the southeast corner of Salem, Oregon. Planted is 100% Pinot Noir laid out in small blocks. The growing elevation on this gentle slope ranges from 620 feet above sea level at its highest to 450 feet at its lowest. The first harvest of the vineyard's 110 acres took place in 1998. Today more than 20 different clone and rootstock combinations have matured to make Battle Creek a producer of the highest quality Pinot Noir.

Rainfall in the vineyard averages between 35-40 inches annually. The clay components of the volcanic basalt soils (known as Nekkia and Jory) enable it to store water so supplemental irrigation is used only when necessary. In some years, the vineyard may not have received any supplemental watering at all if rainfall was adequate. Sufficient water supply coupled with good canopies help protect the grapes and allow gentle ripening.