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Tech Sheet / POS

The black goat is a symbol of the Argentine Andes. That’s why it’s featured on the label of another iconic Argentine product: Malbec wine. The Black Cabra (goat) Malbec is a benchmark wine, one that raises the bar for other Malbec bottlings produced in the Mendoza growing region of Argentina. At Black Cabra, sustainable farming is embraced, which means that winemaker Fabian Valenzuela can rely upon having ripened-to-perfection fruit with which to work each vintage, as long as Mother Nature cooperates. She did during the 2012 growing season in Mendoza, as this bottling will attest.

Valenzuela selects grapes from vineyards of varying altitudes in key sub-regions of Mendoza, and then utilizes the equipment at one of the most technologically advanced wineries in the country to craft amazing wines. The 2012 Black Cabra Malbec is medium bodied with well-integrated tannins. While easy drinking, it possesses enough weight to stand up to a steak.