Elias Mora
Tech Sheet / POS

This Bodega, situated in the famous village of San Roman de Hornija, was founded in 2000 by winemaker Victoria Benavides. The winery is named after the former owner of the vineyard, Elias Mora. 

The winery owns 8 Ha. (17.6 acres) of vineyards broken up into nearly 40 plots. The vines are planted in clay and limestone rich soils with abundant, large, surface stones at 2,600 feet above sea level. The arid, warm climate naturally limits production and produces concentrated grapes. Vines are trained in the traditionalvaso or glass shape, which yields ideal results but requires extra work, by hand, for harvest and pruning. Some of their best grapes are grown in the Senada de Lobo vineyard which has 80+ year old vines. 

The philosophy of the winery revolves around combining a respect for tradition and modern technology. Victoria focuses exclusively on Tinta de Toro the native clone of Tempranillo which has been grown locally, with no exposure to phylloxera, for over 2000 years. The wines are only ever in contact with natural products; oak, glass, natural cork. Finally she seeks to respect vintage conditions knowing that each year will offer different qualities in the finished wine.