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Cantine Dragani started its activity during 1812. In that year, a document signed by Caldari's Borgomastro authorized Dragani Emanuele to sell his products in Caldari region. Already in that time the Dragani family owned its most famous lands, like Selva dei Canonici and Fonte Melata. The two territories, probably originally hired from the monks of Bada di Frisia, represented for decades the natural reserve of Dragani family and the places where the wine was made. Many documents testify the activities of Dragani family. The most important of them are the ones that indicate the Dragani family as the official supplier of the Bishop and the noble families from Ortona. Mr. Nicola Dragani, after 1945, renewed all the vineyards and started to sell the wine in Pescara, a place where the Dragani family had residence and owned a wine shop. With the help of his son, Gabriele, who showed since an early age a strong intelligence and a deep sense of business, Nicola Dragani bought the necessary devices to bottle the wine, in the two liters format with crown top. From 1962 to 1978 Gabriele built the current wine factory, introducing in the production process the first technological innovations, mainly in the bottling process. In 1999, Grazia, Gabriele's daughter, started to innovate the activity, modernizing the business structure of the company and amplifying the wine selling area in Italy and in foreign countries, until in 2012 the building of a new wine laboratory was completed.

Cantine Dragani, producing wine during the last two centuries, are considered one of the most important wine producers in Abruzzo. The catalogue includes Denominated Origin Certificate wines and meal wines, but also certified IGT products, a document that shows the quality and the origin of the wine. The grapes used by Cantine Dragani are carefully selected, considering the different original geographical zones and the different characters of the vineyards. The company monitors the complete process that starts with the cultivations of the grapes and that ends with the bottling of the wine, relying on an extremely efficient distribution system that distributes the different wine formats around Italy and around the world.

Cantine Dragani also produces DOC wine (Named Controlled Origin Certificate): wines that come from local zones (Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Cerasuolo), but also Primitivo from Salento and Lambrusco, being able, in this way, to comply all the possible requests from Italian and International customers. The symbol and the strength of the company is the excellent relation between quality and price that they offer, resulting from the experience acquired from the years and the non-stop investment in new technologies.