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Tech Sheet / POS

Tech Sheet / POS

My romance with wine began many years ago on bicycle trips with Goldie and our family through the great wine regions of France, Italy and California. Those fabulous excursions through picturesque vineyards provided the opportunity to sample many terrific wines. “Sampling” might be putting it lightly, especially where Burgundy is concerned. Those wines didn’t just steal my palate, they stole my heart. It wasn’t long before the dream of creating beautiful wines of my own (specifically Pinot Noir) was born. The many treasured conversations I’ve shared with various winemakers and producers from Burgundy to Bordeaux and Tuscany to Napa served to fuel my dream to someday take the leap from fantasy to reality.

Years later, while filming Quentin Tarentino’s Death Proof in the Santa Rita Hills area in northern Santa Barbara County, I was amazed to discover award winning wines I felt rivaled the Burgundians I so loved. As luck would have it, an old friend of mine had been producing wines for quite awhile out of his rather large and beautiful vineyard just over the hill in Santa Ynez. So, I decided to drop in on him and kick around the idea of possibly getting started producing wine. That old friend was Fess Parker. Sitting outside on the patio of Fess’s place, sharing a bottle of wine, he said, “Kurt, you don’t just have a dream, you have a passion, and you should pursue it.”

The process of learning about making and producing fine wine followed quickly. I was issued a pair of clippers and a bucket and pointed toward the vineyard. 

Punch downs, general cellar ratting, working the bottling and labeling line, listening to Peter about the art of farming to attain the healthiest and tastiest grapes and of course, barrel selection are all important pieces of the fascinating puzzle of the wine making process. (Waxing the bottle tops is just plain back breaking work. But I think it looks awesome!)

But, without question, my favorite endeavor is Blending Day. That’s when the rubber hits the road. The grapes that were nurtured on the vine, picked at the precise moment of maturity, binned, soaked, fermented, the juice extracted and barreled for 22 months (18 for the Chardonnay) are now ready for the “Grand Finale.” To make it truly my wine, I am entrusted to rely on my nose and palate to blend what I believe makes the best combination of Pinot Noir clones that will result in that year’s vintage of GoGi. When I find what I believe to be the perfect blend, that’s what goes in the bottle.

I do love it. And after all is said and done, like it says on the back label of each and every bottle, it’s meant to be….”for your pleasure.”