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Tech Sheet / POS

Tech Sheet / POS

Fontsainte is many vineyard parcels, each with its own particularities. The most celebrated is La Demoiselle (the official geological survey name), which gives its name to our wine La Demoiselle - its Carignan vines celebrated their 100th birthday in 2004. Fontsainte's diversity of parcels allows them to maximize the affinities between soil type, aspect, micro-climate and grape variety - to make great terroir wines. Recent replanting - including Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache Gris - have all benefited from exhaustive geology studies of Fontsainte's various parcels' soil structure.

Since Fontsainte's establishment in 1971, vineyard work has been environmentally-sustainable and driven by the credo: "great wines are made in the vineyard". So, they apply a policy of strict pruning to the goblets, while new vines are trellis-trained; treatments are restricted to a minimum (about half of what's typical), localized and not systematic; harvesting is entirely by hand, using small crates.