Our French portfolio is largely supported by the wines of Kermit Lynch. Since 2010 we have been the sole distributor of Kermit Lynch in Colorado, and take great pride in representing the various Chateau and Domaine from this historic French wine importer. Kermit Lynch got his start in 1972 when he opened a small retail wine shop in Berkley, CA.  He later began importing wines directly from France and developed a portfolio of over 600 wines and more than 50 estates.  His focus is largely on Burgundy, the Rhone, Loire and Languedoc regions of France.

His philosophy is to work directly with winemakers, not cooperatives or negotiants.  All of the producers imported by Kermit Lynch practice sustainable farming techniques, with the majority being organic or biodynamic farmers. In 2000, the James Beard Foundation named him “Wine Professional of the Year”, and in 2005 he was honored with the “Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur” award by the French government. His interest and knowledge of wine has led him to discover and import some of the finest French wines in the world, and we enjoy the experience of tasting these wines with our customers every day.