Tech Sheet / POS

Podere Il Carnasciale is situated in the southern Chianti mountains in the Valdarno di Sopra region of Tuscany, thirty kilometers north of Siena and Arezzo, and 60 kilometers south of Florence. True to Wolf Rogosky’s idea and vision, the secluded hilltop estate is run today by Bettina and her son Moritz Rogosky, in collaboration with the enologists and winemakers Peter Schilling and Marco Maffei.

The variety or rather biotype, Caberlot, was first identified in the late 1960's in an abandoned vineyard near Padua by the agronomist Dr. Remigio Bordini.While the grape has the organoleptic characteristics of Cabernet Franc, its ampelographic profile however is closer to that of Merlot, leading us to assume that the loose-cluster Caberlot is a natural, spontaneous crossing of the two varieties. 

The Caberlot variety is cultivated exclusively at Podere Il Carnasciale, and we are what one could call an ‘haute couture’ winery, where extreme care and craft go to detail, precision and quality. Our work in the vineyards is carried out with the utmost respect for the soil and the plants, entirely by hand. Pruning, budding and leaf- management are all done manually, and we do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. All eventual sanitary treatments are natural and organic, and the grounds are labored, with partial greening.