Kermit Lynch Selections

Cuvée Kermit Lynch
Tech Sheet / POS

When a wine is labeled “Blended by Kermit Lynch” or “Cuvée Selectionnée par Kermit Lynch”, it can mean a couple of things. Kermit might arrive at a winery that has wines in barrel, in foudres, in stainless steel or cement, that has old vine cuvées and young, that has cuvées of different grape varieties to choose from etc. He tastes everything and then begins blending to try and come up with something special. A percentage of this and that, a touch of this or that – he composes and shapes the blend until he has what he wants. The vigneron bottles it for us, and we sell it to you at a great price. This is the case with the Kermit Lynch Côtes du Rhône, the Sunflower Cuvée, and the Cypress Cuvée. Also, every so often when Kermit tastes at a domaine, he likes a specific cuvée but isn’t impressed with the label and therefore decides to use his own. The Vin de Pay de Vaucluse Rouge and Vin de Pays de Vaucluse Blanc made by Domaine de Durban fall under this definition. These wines are the epitome of the KLWM style: small production, high quality, good prices, built for comfort.