Tech Sheet / POS

Tech Sheet / POS

San Venerio
2010 - Tech Sheet / POS

The Vineyard “La Calonica” is near “Le Capezzine” in the centre of a wine producing area of the very highest quality. The vineyard is on the hills of Valiano, in the Comune of Montepulciano and part in the Comune of Cortona. It is an area of great wines both red and white. The vineyard is composed of two farms, “La Calonica” and “Capezzine Vecchie”. They are both situated on soft hills with a gentle slope, these two farms constitute the entire productive and cultural entity of about 50 hectare of which 38 are vineyard.
The vines planted in the zone of “Nobile di Montepulciano” are D.O.C.G. and those in the zone of “Cortona” a are D.O.C. Since 1972 the vineyard has been the property of the Cattani family who personally supervise the production and sale of the wine.The area of Valiano has special characteristic which come from the influence of Lake Trasimeno which guarantees mild winters and summers that are not too dry. This permits the vines to have a regular vegetative cycle.

“La Calonica” is on the top of a hill about 350 m. a.s.l. The complete absence of other hills nearby gives an ideal ventilation to the vines as well as an outstanding view. The soil is of a homogenous mixture tending towards clay, and calcareous underneath.
The vineyards are for the most part planted with ‘Sangiovese di Montepulciano’ (prugnolo gentile) and 70% of the vineyards is of this variety. The ‘Canaiolo Nero’, and some varieties with a white grape such as, ‘Sauvignon’, ‘La Malvasia del Chianti’ and ‘Il Grechetto’ complete the patrimony of the vineyard of “La Calonica”. In recent years both on the side of Montepulciano and that of Cortona some hectares of ‘Merlot’ and ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ have been planted. From these vines, wines of great structure and elegance have been produced suitable for a lengthy aging. The Cortona D.O.C. of La Calonica, ‘Il Girifalco’, is composed of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Sangiovese. Worthy of attention is the small amount of ‘Vin Santo’ that is produced. This is done following an ancient oenological practice which has been renewed in the area of Montepulciano and above all at “La Calonica”.

The grapes are selected at the beginning of the harvest, put onto aerated shelves to dry and this usually lasts to the middle of February. The must obtained from them is put into very small barrels for at least 5 years. This is a very small production which does not occur every year. The aging cellars are in the old farm buildings, are in traditional style and there are barrels of Slovenian Oak of various capacities. The thick walls of the old farm and the internal dividing walls of the cellar help to maintain a constant temperature for the aging process. The use of the barrique, carefully controlled, to give to the wines of new style, that particular flavor, in the complete harmony of tuscan tradition. The wine cellars and bottling plants are modern.