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In the year 1992 the Morini family bought an historical farm house from the early 1900's, surrounded by splendid vineyards in the heart of Val di Mezzane. In this peaceful area the family decided to build a new building for the vinification and maturation celar. Today, this modern and functional building allows us to produce up to 3000 quintals of wines thanks to the 5 modern, fully automated, 150-quintal fermentation vats that reduce oxidation of the future wine to a minimum. The approximately 30 wine vats, of various sizes, all temperature-controlled, also guarantee adequate storage of the wine until it is bottled. The entire lower floor, situated 6 meters underground, is dedicated to the letting the wine mature and sit. The 600 oak barrels from various geographical zones, cradle and accompany this splendid nectar to full maturità. Forty years have passed since our parents started this farm: small, without any expectations, but sustained by great enthusiasm. Up until not too long ago wine producing was in the hands of the local Cooperative Winery.

Today, a business has been passed onto our group of seven siblings and cousins, which has us fully involved and committed, and has achieving considerable size. Our love for country life and growing grapes, more than anything else, lead to the creation of Latium. We are committed to the production of fine wines such as Soave, Valpolicella and Amarone, which are the very essence of the warm land of Illasi, whose nobility has deep roots in past history. The origins or our village date back to the ancient Romans who, when passing through the area in the search for remote lands to conquer, found an ideal environment for the cultivation of grapes, olives and fruit trees. The locals were quick to call them the Latii, "those from Lazio", qualifying them as "strangers", foreigners. Historical findings - a few worn stones that surfaced by accident ploughing the fields - are a testament to the fact that we, with poorly hidden pride, are the depositaries of two thousand years of history. Two thousand years that invited our rural populations to tame this sylvan land, and that today provides us with the good things that nature has to offer and that the whole world envies us: our wine. Memory is what makes a country great and everything that our past is built of is the result of passion, dedication, sacrifice.

The name Latium reminds us and everyone that appreciates good wine of our roots are ancient and noble, as ancient and noble are the bouquets of the wines that we offer.