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Among vines and rocks rising vertically over the sea of Furore, we find Cantine Marisa Cuomo. The grapes that grow here, clinging to the rocks of Furore, are exposed to the magical action of the sun and sea of the Amalfi Coast. The charm of the geometry of the estate’s vineyards is joined by the beautiful wine cellar dug into the rock. Since 1980, the year in which the winegrowing estate was established, Cantine Marisa Cuomo has belonged to Andrea Ferraioli and Marisa Cuomo, and it occupies an area of 10 hectares. The selection of noble grapes, the search for the right degree of freshness and humidity, combined with the passage of time, old secrets handed down by the local winemakers and the advanced technology used by today’s wine technicians give life to wines of the finest quality, appreciated the world over. Andrea Ferraioli and Marisa Cuomo, with oenologist Luigi Moio and the estate’s winegrowers, decide to focus on quality to stand out from the crowd in the Italian oenology sector, with wines with a taste that is just as unique and extraordinary as the Furore coast.

The vineyards in Furore produce red and white wines that have been acknowledged by critics and are appreciated the world over. Cantine Marisa Cuomo produces about 50 thousand bottles a year, 60% of which are made up of white wine. The grape varieties are the classics of the Furore DOC zone: Falanghina and Biancolella are used to make Furore Bianco, while a composition of Per ‘e Palummo and Aglianico gives life to Furore Rosso. Two of the most important labels for Cantine Marisa Cuomo, wines which boast a rich medals chart, are both characterised by small yields per hectare and by late harvesting. Furore Rosso Riserva spends 12 months ageing in new French oak barriques, which convey an unmistakably smooth and well-balanced flavour to the wine. Fiorduva, a white belonging to the Extreme Wines category, is made of Fenile, Ginestra and Ripoli grapes, vinified with soft pressing and fermentation at 12°C for about three months. Ravello Bianco and Rosso are made from the same grapes as Furore, while the vinification technique reflects that used for Fiorduva and Furore Rosso Riserva. To be more precise, Ravello Rosso rests in new French oak barriques and Ravello Bianco ferments at 18˚C for about a month in stainless steel tanks. Costa d’Amalfi Rosso, Rosato and Bianco are wines that come from the grape varieties of the DOC zone of Cetara and Raito and they share high yields per hectare.

Try a wine and savour all the authentic taste of a remarkable territory. Furore, the village clinging to the Divina Costiera, breathes the charm of the Gulf of Amalfi.