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For Nada Fiorenzo experience of cellar work is by no means universal, but rather the end result of the skills handed down to them, of their involvement in the grape harvest and a certain amount of "poetic licence" based on their own personal taste. The cellar is situated in Rombone, next to the house in which they live. The grapes are all their own, the fruit of months of care and attention in the vineyard. Picked strictly by hand, they arrive in the cellar in wooden crates.

This is just the first step on their long journey. After soft pressing come maceration and primary fermentation with the grape skins, seeds and stems, whereby sugars are transformed into alcohol. All this takes place in vertical barrels at a controlled temperature, using traditional methods to pump and press the must over the grape dregs. The next step is secondary fermentation whereby harsh malic acid is converted into softer lactic acid. This process is carried out in the barrels or barriques in which the Barbaresco Rombone and Seifile are already stored.

The wine is subsequently aged in barrels to soften. This requires a relatively short period for most of their wines, much longer, even up to two years, for Barbaresco Manzola, Rombone and Seifile. Finally, the wine is bottled and aged for a number of months in the underground cellar to enhance the harmony of its flavor. Then, at last, the new vintages are presented. Once labeled, they either appear on the wine lists of local restaurants or are shipped to more distant destinations. Our total output is about 40,000 bottles a year.