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Felline is has a long and storied past in the area of Manduria, Puglia. Gregory Perrucci, owner and operator of Felline, resides above the fermentation tanks (literally he has an apartment on top of the winery where he lives).  The area now famous for bringing Primitivo to life in Puglia was once home to his fathers business of bottling wine for several smaller wineries in the area.

The idea behind what has evolved into Felline comes from the days in which Gregory would go around buying grapes on the open market for his father's business.  He ran Salvatore, his busines partner, who was in many ways similar to Gregory... following the family business and carrying on his own tradition of growing Primitivo.  Gregory had come to give the rate for the grapes and Salvatore met him at the front door.  This would be a defining moment and a very different meeting than Gregory was accustomed to.  He offered his price, and Salvatore refused. Salvatore grew Primitivo with lower yields and in complex soils.  Because of this he felt that his grapes and eventual wine should garner higher prices than his neighbors.  Gregory and Salvatore quickly came into collaboration examining the soils of Manduria's numerous vineyards.  Red Soils, Sandy Soils, Black Soils... everything was examined, fermented and vinified separately to understand "terroir" - at the time a very foreign concept to the region.

So began "Accademia dei Racemi" and Felline, a collection of five vineyards and Puglia's original experiment in soil analysis. Lead by Gregory Perrucci, this innovative group of wineries and wines has shaped the culture of Southern Italian wine and is pushing the limits of varietally correct expressions of their diverse grape varieties. Unique varieties: negramaro, ottavianello, malvasia nera, sussumaniello, primitivo