BOLGHERI ROSSO - Poggio ai Ginepri
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BOLGHERI ROSSO - Villa Donoratico
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MERLOT - Giorgio Bartholomaus
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ROSATO - Poggio ai Ginepri
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The Argentiera Estate is situated on the coast of Tuscany about 100km southwest of Florence. In the prestigious DOC of Bolgheri Argentiera is the estate closest to the sea and also highest in altitude. The land, especially well suited to the growing of incredible red wines, is considered to be among the most beautiful in Bolgheri with its spectacular view of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.

The estate has 60 hectares planted with specialty vines, all of which are Bolgheri DOC. The soil composition varies through out the vineyards offering complexity to the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Syrah.

The wineries and cellars are made of recycled or traditional materials such as terracotta and baked roofing tiles. The vineyards are surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and the countryside is flush with maritime pines and olive tree groves. The wines are truly something amazing to behold and savor reflecting all the beauty they are surrounded by.