Tech Sheet / POS

The Buccicatino farm was born in 1993, thanks to Umberto, who followed his father Giovanni's example with brave choices dictated by a determined spirit of renewal, and devoted to reach only one goal: to obtain finished products with high quality standards. The achievement of their early successes has further motivated them to achieve a more minute care for the vineyards and a total renewal of the cellar with modern tools for wine making.  

The vineyards, all family property, are placed in a hilly zone with excellent exposure and on tendentially argillaceous and pebbled grounds, which exalt the organoleptic characteristics of the produced wines, thanks to a low yield per hectare.

The grapes are treated following the old traditions: the vintage is made by hand and with maximum care to avoid quality alterations of the product. They use winemaking choices that contribute to highlighting those typical and noble characteristics of the wines from Abruzzo, which were neglected for a long time and which are now more and more esteemed by the experts and by the tastes of the consumers.